We’ve built a platform
to manage EV & EVSE data.

We’re reinventing the global EV blockchain – that is a secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses provide EV & EVSE data to customers, government rebate programs, and more.

What is EV COIN? What

EV COIN is a technology that acts as both a cryptocurrency and a digital charging network for EV and EVSE information.

Decentralized Platform

Blockchain-based network of EV charging data and EVSE transactions.

Crowd Wisdom

EVSE Manufacturers, EV Charging Networks, Government Agencies, and EV Owners come together to provide & share EV information.

Rewards Mechanism

Members are rewarded for reducing their carbon footprint and utilizing EV technology.


EV Coin brings together the best of both traditional business and agile crypto models in order to provide an easy way for all companies to share EV and EVSE information that is accurate and immutable.

At EV Coin, we provide a technology that can be utilized across the entire EV and EVSE landscape. From manufacturer to owner, the EV Coin network ensures that transactional and charging data is kept secure and transparent to all parties.

  1. The Platform is a blockchain-based digital EV and EVSE information network and protocol with its own cryptocurrency, EV Coin.
  2. The EV Coin Marketplace provides an easy to use technology that allows EV owners the ability to interact with any EV charging network to start charges and track charging information. It also allows third parties such as utility companies and rebate programs to extract charging information from the network.
  3. Contributor payouts perfectly simple and easy for any EV owner that provides proof of charging.
  4. Owners of the EV Coin cryptocurrency keep their digital coins in a digital wallet. A coin-holder’s identification is stored in an encrypted address that they have control over and is not attached to any person’s identity.

The MAJOR Problem Problem

The EV Charging Network industry is very compartmentalized. EV Owners are left having to carry 20+ RFID cards just to charge their EV anywhere. On top of the various EV Charging Networks, there is no easy way to consolidate charging data into one platform for utility companies and government tax credit programs to easily pull.  Also, when EV charging stations are offline they don’t always allow a charge. On top of this, EV owners are not provided with any incentives to charge outside of their home.

EV Coin Digital Currency

  • Bridge between multiple currencies and EV Charging Networks
  • It does not discriminate between one fiat/cryptocurrency and another
  • Consensus protocol to verify and validate each transaction

Decentralized Network

  • Each node within the network functions as a separate authority to verifying EV & EVSE data
  • Individual distributed nodes decide which transaction was first to prevent double-spending
  • With no central authority that decides who can confirm transactions, the EV Coin platform is decentralized

EV Charging Networks

  • Provide access to all EV data in real time from one platform
  • Instant Integration across all EV Charging Networks with the EV Coin API
  • Network with any OEM instantly

EV Coin Ledger

  • EV Coin provides instant access to EV Credits or payment for EV Charging networks across the world
  • EV Coin wallets are publicly available on the EV Coin consensus ledger
  • Even though data is publicly available on the EV Coin blockchain, the data is not linked to any individual or business


The EV Coin Cryptocurrency is a way to ensure all individuals, businesses, and governments across the world can be rewarded for their reduction in carbon footprints. Reducing the carbon footprint and receiving tax credits can be instant using the EV Coin blockchain.

Relational Blockchain

Contributors and members validate every transaction to ensure EV data is trusted and secure.

Fraud Reduction

Improve the integrity of EV data and imposters using stolen RFID cards or EV Charging Network accounts.

Next Generation Wallet

The next generation wallet at EV Coin allows access to EV data across any of your EV’s.

Recovery Nodes

Recovery nodes provide 100% uptime for the EV Coin blockchain. The global recovery node network allows access 24/7.

Full Transparency

Receive full transparency of all the EV data from your EV & EVSE that gets sent to the EV Charging Networks.

Very Low Fees

EV Coin allows you access to the lowest transaction fees by providing a platform that is carbon neutral.

Decentralize Network

The decentralized network integrity is increased by not having a central authority to control your EV or EVSE data.

Crypto Payment

Receive EV tax credits or EV charging payments in crypto instantly after a charge is complete.

The EV Coin App Apps

Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can mange every thing. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can set up a wallet instantly to track EV data across any EVSE or EV Charging Network.

Start charging your EV today on any EVSE or EV Charging Network.

  • Wallet aggregation
  • Instant Charging
  • No more expensive fees

EV Coin Crowdsale TOKEN

EV Coin will be released on a custom blockchain based on a consensus protocol. It’s compatibility of the token with third-party wallets, exchanges, etc. provides easy-to-use integration and full scale interoperability between all EV and EVSE networks.


June 1, 2021 (9:00AM GMT)

Number of EVSECoins for sale

4,000,000,000 (.001 in May, .002 in June, .003 in July, .004 in August)


Sept. 1, 2021 (11:00AM GMT)

Tokens exchange rate

Based on Coinbase API Coin Metrics at time of transaction

Acceptable currencies


No Minimum transaction amount

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds
CROWDSALE Air Drop Coin Burn

of tokens

of proceeds


July 2021

EV Coin Wallet release with access through all mobile desktops and smartphones

September 2021

API Release for EV Coin platform Integration for any EVSE or EV Charging Network

October 2021

Desktop Software to support all EVSE platforms for sending data instantly to the EV Coin blockchain

January 2022

Blockchain upgrade to improve scalability and reliability as the network and blockchain grows.

April 2022

Release updated wallet applications to support future Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality capability

February 2023

EV Coin Platform upgrade to include new digital payment integration and multi-chain deployment.

Powered by a Team TEAM

The EV Coin Crypto Team combines a passion for EVs, industry expertise & proven record in engineering, development, marketing & licensing.

Jason Conover
CEO & Lead Blockchain

Omead Moinee
CTO & Lead Engineer

Brian Conover
CFO & Lead Marketing

Michael Conover
CIO & Lead Security

EV Enthusiasts

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided information regarding EV Coin. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

EV Coin - is a unique platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use, and completely disrupting the way businesses and consumers transfer data between EV's and EVSEs.

EV Coin can be used to charge your EV on various EV charging networks. It can also be used to provide credits for EV tax rebate programs. You can also easily convert your EV Coin into any other cryptocurrency.

Once you create an EV Coin wallet you can connect your EV or EV charging network station to track all of your EV and/or EVSE data.

The EV Coin platform allows you to get rid of the 20+ RFID cards in your wallet. It also allows you to claim EV tax credits or get paid for your EV tax credits seamlessly and instantaneously. As an EV Charging Network you also gain instant access to new customers.

You can use your EV Coin app to scan a QR code and instantly start a charge on any EV Charging Network that supports the EV Coin blockchain.

You can access the latest EV Coin wallet software through our website or app in the Google or Apple App Stores.

Since EV Coin is a cryptocurrency you can seamlessly convert between other cryptocurrencies on any major exchange that accepts EV Coin. You can easily convert EV Coin to your crypto of choice.

All you need is the public address of the EV Coin wallet you want to send EV Coin to and confirm your passphrase to send it.

EV Coin provides an easy and secure way for EV owners to pay to charge their EV. With one platform to charge across all EV Charging Networks you are able to instantly gain access to every EV owner in the world.

Depending on the EV Charging Network or local state in which you're charging your EV, you will be eligible for EV Coin rewards and EV credit or Tax Rebate programs. Anyone charging their EV at home can also gain access to these programs by utilizing the EV Coin platform.

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